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The future of the payments experience

Give your customers the most engaging payments journey, every time they shop. It’s payments, but better.

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Our Platform

We allow you to create more engaging payment and loyalty experiences that save time and money, whilst improving acquisition, value and retention.

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Offer your customers a new, more rewarding way to make payments

Open Banking Payments, or Pay by Bank, is the new way for customers to pay. Let your customers make payments directly from their bank account in seconds, online or in store, and save up to 80% against your existing transaction fees. Payments are quick and secure, removing the requirement for cards and data entry to provide your customers with the smoothest payments experience. 


Reward your customers on all spend across any connected account – simple, frictionless loyalty.

A single plug-in that opens up a world of Open Banking. We allow your customers to connect any bank or credit account to your loyalty or rewards programme, providing you with a real-time, omnichannel view of customer transactions and purchasing behaviours. Customers no longer need to scan loyalty cards or codes - just connect, shop and earn.


Why choose Loyalize?

One API, endless features

With Loyalize, we leverage integrations into leading open banking and payments gateways to provide the best-in-class payment and loyalty experience for your customers.

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Whether you’re just looking to offer your customers a new way to pay, or you’re hoping to streamline your loyalty or rewards programme, Loyalize is your one-stop solution to unlocking a more engaging way to connect with your customers.

Want to learn more? 

Get in touch to see how we can help you revolutionise your payments and loyalty experience.

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