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Our mission is to change the way organisations engage with their customers.

Loyalize was founded to create a solution that bridged the growing gap between loyalty and payments innovation.

Up until recently, the loyalty journey has been complex and detached, relying on multiple systems and the issuing of plastic loyalty cards to reward customers. Loyalize is designed to directly address the frustrations experienced by retailers and customers alike,  connecting the two previously disjointed processes into a single, streamlined transaction.

With Loyalize, organisations can improve the reliability of their programmes, strengthen their customer engagement and get access to more transparent data to build more complete pictures of their customers.

With no PoS integration required, it is quick and easy to get started.

We are revolutionising loyalty and payments.


David John


Makis Saridis


Hollie Edwards

Head of Finance

Karen Weech

Head of Business Development

Elliott Thornhill

Business Development Manager


Team Manager

Board & Leadership

David John

Founder & CEO

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Robert Pearson

 Board Advisor

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Steve Gray

Board Advisor

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Clive John

Advisor & Non-Executive Director

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