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Let us tell you a bit more about us.

The future of the payments experience.

Until recently, loyalty and payments have been complex and detached, relying on multiple systems and the issuing of plastic cards to reward customers before a purchase.

In a world where the average customer is a member of 14 different loyalty programmes, Loyalize is designed to directly address the frustrations experienced by retailers and customers alike, connecting the two previously detached processes into a single, streamlined transaction.

We are revolutionising loyalty and payments.

Don’t just take our word for it.

“It is a potential game-changer for that central plank of many retailers’ data strategy – the loyalty scheme. As it gets harder and harder to persuade customers to keep your loyalty card in their pocket or your app on their phone, what if they could simply register their payment card and earn your points each time they used it?’


Retail Week Discovery Report; Top 50 RetailTech Start-ups to watch globally

Leadership Team

David John.jpg

David John

CEO & Founder 

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Makis Saridis.jpg

Makis Saridis


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Advisory Board

Steve Gray.jpg

Steve Gray

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Robert Pearson.png

Rob Pearson

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Clive John.jpg

Clive John

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