Loyalize for Airlines

Become front of mind on everyday purchases, not just holidays.

We help you to drive member engagement through providing access to rewarding user experiences on everyday shopping. 


With Loyalize, your members can seamlessly earn frequent flyer miles when shopping directly with the brands they love.

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Everyday miles.
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Airmiles, or frequent flyer programmes, have become key revenue drivers for airlines around the world. Implementing a direct-to-merchant solution is one of the most effective ways to increase your engagement with members, whilst driving continue revenue to both you and your network partners.

Simplify your user journey.

Make it easier than ever before for your customers to start earning frequent flyer miles outside of flights or through your eStore.


Deliver an omni-channel experience.

With a single API integration to the Loyalize platform, your members can immediately start earning miles on everyday spend, online or in store.

Increased brand value.

Build a bespoke network of merchant partners that align with your brand and compliment the entire customer experience.

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AI-powered insights.

Get deeper insights on customer behaviours, so that you can start to deliver personalised, targeted rewards that will drive continued activity with your brand.

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