Loyalize for Banks

Keep your cards top of wallet by delivering rewarding experiences.

The modern day customer consistently demands value, personalisation and convenience. Banking should be no different.

With Loyalize, you can enhance and grow your customer relationships by providing new opportunities to drive added value, turning your bank into the relevant destination for customers.

Banking. Supercharged.

Loyalty and Rewards solutions are proven methods for increasing customer engagement.

With Loyalize's Banking APIs, we offer two features to transform your customer experiences:


Loyalty Connect

With "Loyalty Connect", your customers can store, view and engage with their favourite loyalty programmes all via your app. They can automatically enrol their bank cards and immediately see the benefits of their loyalty on every transaction.

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Bank Branded Loyalty

Let your customers earn bank-branded rewards or deliver a cashback solution without any changes to the transaction process. Our technology comes with real-time multichannel capabilities, providing instant added value for your customers.

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