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It’s Instant.

With Pay by Bank, you can let your customers make payments directly from their bank account, instantly. It’s quick, simple and secure, removing the requirement for entering and storing payment information.

Payment arrives at your bank account immediately, improving cashflow and reducing the risk of fraud.

There are 3 ways customers can Pay by Bank:

Online Shopping


Simply add the Pay by Bank button at checkout and allow customers to instantly pay from their chosen bank account.

In store

Customers can make payment by scanning a QR code at the checkout; a single scan solution for ultimate flexibility.

Clothing Store
Using a Touch Phone

Via a secure link

Customers can make instant payments via a secure payment link, sent directly to their smartphone.

Benefits of Pay by Bank

From QR codes stored in your app or in Apple Wallet, to checkout buttons and secure links, Loyalize can help you save money, whilst increasing engagement and adding more value to your customer experience.

You still benefit from all the existing features of a conventional card payment - refunds, recurring payments, subscription plans and smart reconciliation.

Reduce Costs

  • Save up to 80% against existing fees

  • No interim payment partners

  • No chargebacks

 More Reliable

  • SCA compliant with low friction transactions

  • 99.999% uptime with no payment failure

  • 100% redundancy

More Secure

  • Biometric authentication on every transaction

  • 96% lower fraud rates

Instant Access

  • Optimise cashflow through instant settlement

  • Provide instant refunds

Increase Customer Value

  • Give customers more value through rewards and loyalty

  • Offer charitable donations or plant trees for each Pay by Bank purchase

  • A smoother payments experience with no need for card details

Saving you money. Giving your customers more value.

As Pay by Bank is effectively structured as a bank transfer, the payments journey bypasses all of the annoying interim payment fees associated with a typical card transaction. The result? Every Pay by Bank transaction can save you up to 80% against your existing transaction fees.

With Loyalize’s unique Incentives Engine, you have the ability to redirect some of these savings back to your customers as added value. This can range from offering tangible benefits, such as additional points within your loyalty programme, to intrinsic rewards, such as charitable donations or planting a tree.

Whatever it is, we have you covered.

How it Works

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