Loyalize for Retail

Unlock deeper engagement with your loyalty members.

Our technology provides loyalty teams with a real-time, omnichannel view of customer transactions and purchasing behaviours, allowing them to create segmented, targeted offers and campaigns.

What are the benefits?

Real-Time Insights

Get access to omnichannel transaction data in real-time and uncover customer behaviours to drive personalised campaigns and deliver targeted messaging.

Reduced Transaction Times

Reduce the time it takes to process a loyalty transaction at the POS by removing the customer requirement for scanning a plastic loyalty card or opening an app to scan a code.

Cut Plastic, Save Costs

Shoppers lose an estimated 87 million loyalty cards every year. Lower your plastic consumption and save on the costs of producing and shipping plastic loyalty cards.

Understand your customers on a more meaningful level.

Every event, tracked.

Loyalize compliments your existing customer loyalty journey through clear tracking and insight of day-to-day performance and campaigns.

Rich Transaction Data, Online & In-Store.

See every transaction across all customer purchases in real-time, from nationwide online sales, down to individual stores, and monitor performance to understand what factors influence customer behaviour.​​

Customer Identification Solved.

Identify each customer at the point of purchase and combine this information with basket data across all loyalty programme members. This information can be used to fuel future engagement activity.​​

AI-Powered Analysis and Insights.

Using advanced AI, Loyalize helps you analyse datasets and segment customers around profiles, preferences and behaviours, card type, online and offline sales, purchase frequency, ATV, time and source, across your entire business, globally.​​

Personalised Campaigns & Engagement.

Set up, promote and run personalised loyalty campaigns and communicate with customers via push notifications and targeted messaging. Track campaign performance and compare behaviours to understand what drives your customers.

Get up and running quickly and efficiently with zero POS integration, depending on your requirements.

Give your customers an omnichannel loyalty and payments experience.

Customers can add any Visa, MasterCard or American Express debit or credit card - or their bank account - to your loyalty programme.

Track every transaction made using a connected payment card or bank account, whether online, in store or via a mobile wallet.

Create a seamless loyalty experience by automatically rewarding customers after every transaction.

Payment & loyalty in one, seamless transaction.

Whether your customers shop online, in-store or via a mobile channel, speed up your checkout process by allowing them to automatically collect rewards every time they shop. It's simple, fast and delivers a frictionless experience.

Deliver a personalised, omnichannel customer journey.

We provide real-time, actionable insights in the form of easy-to-use dashboards, which allow you to generate personalised experiences and send targeted messaging directly to individual or groups of customers.

Enhance operational effectiveness.

Get rid of plastic loyalty cards and QR codes, and save time at the checkout. With Loyalize, your customers will earn rewards instantly when they pay via contactless, chip & pin or using any mobile wallet.

Ongoing support.

We work with you through every step of the process to ensure you deliver effective messaging and a successful customer launch.

Staff Training.

With the support from our experienced team, we will ensure a smooth roll-out across all of your locations, including on-site staff training to ensure effective delivery of your new feature.

Customer Launch.

Our team will help you structure a compelling sales narrative to introducing your new payment and loyalty feature, including design and implementation of relevant marketing materials.


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